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Dollarbit Global

Dollarbit Global was formed 2019 by a group of like-minded thinkers who saw a clear opportunity to defy mediocrity: to become a multilevel marketing company that would outperform every existing company on the market. Tired of companies that came and lasted six months and few years we decided to take the challenge of bringing the most strongest or pinned to the ground and fastest growing company in the industry. We’re here to last as long as the internet will continue to exist. Therefore, sustainability and existence shouldn’t be the issue today. We are here to stay. Take advantage of our simple, profitable and sustainable platform today.

With an uncompromising attitude towards working hard and playing even harder, we formed a camaraderie that invested everything we had and with our grit and ambition, we are significantly reshaping the landscape of the whole network marketing industry.

Success isn’t measured just by numbers. It’s measured by the thrill in your veins, when you and your team defy the invincible, by reshaping the possibilities with technology and creativity.

About Dollarbit Global

Dollarbit Global is an Afro-Asian based model of Networking system offering the world’s best Compensation plan in the Industry and the fastest way to reach to the top with extraordinary income potential. We’re registered in Al Hamra Industrial Zone Raz Al-Khaimah, UAE, with operations officies in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa. We’re determined to be present in the entire Africa and Asian Continents within the first two years of our existence. We’re 24/7 online support system.

We take massive pride in having the most talented and most motivated team of experts who are passionate about everything we do. Join our global team now!

Our Goals

Dollarbit Global


We have the vision of providing a cashless, paperless and data driven opportunities that are flexible and customer oriented. This will empower us all throughout our journey to success. Make things easy and understandable.


We are oriented towards setting the pace to financial freedom through the provision of flexible, affordable and profitable, above all long lasting platform to our clients everywhere they find themselves.


Dollarbit Global

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Dollarbit Global

1. Clients driven

Delivering the best quality services to our clients in line with their needs and aspirations. Together we can build tomorrow.

2. Innovation

Develop new ideas, create financial opportunities that are competitive and affordable for the common pocket in a challenging Economic environment.

3. Integrity

We are determined to do what is right and treat our clients and partners with respect while upholding a high ethical standards in our operations and cooperation.


We provide a best support team for your help.